By ExoticHippieQueen ©2015

Further revealings of the heart”…….

Like a thick blanket of honey coats a slab of brown bread,

The amber in his voice laid heavy and sweet on my waiting ear.

Yet, I could not hear a word that he said.


Butterflies on fire.


The oxygen had politely left the room,

Just so that I could breathe in the shimmer and spark of this new fascination.

One kiss would pull me under.

I could see that.

Ribbons of kinetic energy swirling and vibrating around us, high voltage atmosphere.

His eyes, cerulean blue, burned a hole through me

As I stood motionless to gladly receive this beautiful wound.


How can his mere physical presence claim an instant ownership of my essence?

The wild horses in my heart, gathered into a stampede.

Running free for too many years,

They cannot, will not, be tamed easily.

Some dreams have been overtaken by vegetation.

Other dreams of ravishing heathens and raging love

Hitchhiked out of town long ago with the last carnival.


Does revival exist after the stinging brokenness of loss?

Now, a drunk on crutches could navigate the road of love far better than I.

Superwoman can’t fly anymore.

My soul still longs for, clings to the belief in the beauty of love.

I want to say “goodbye, December heart”,

To know the closed blinds and wrinkled sheets, while the earth quakes around me,

To feel the outglow after the afterglow.

I want to fly first class, buy the tour book

And the cheap souvenirs, to return exhausted with a serious sun burn.


Open my floodgates,

Be my cool relief from this dry, red heat,

Be the night rain that soothes the parched plains of my soul,

Be the author of my new story,

Write it on my heart,

My burning heart.


Be my legend.



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