Rumors ~ Whispers ~ Mysteries


Exotic Hippie Queen's Third Eye

Rumors, Whispers, Mysteries

“The secrets of the Universe, much like our human heart, remain a timeless mystery…”

By ExoticHippieQueen ©2012

I don’t completely understand

the ways of Time,

slow in the waiting,

why she haunts the

north window

with a wordless stare

her hand raised in a thought,

yet when noticed,

slips thin as that

and eel flat,

down the edges of

twilight’s long, dark hallway,

to vanish like slick magic

into the

enigma of Precambrian

outer limits.


Deer Cave, Malaysia

I cannot explain

the matrix of the stars,

such a spangled assembly

of platinum incandescence,

where light begins

as merely a frail rumor,

then confirms

with authority it’s


into violet shadows

draped across

the naked shoulders

of the Universe.

more stars

Source: Our Beautiful World & Universe


I will never fully comprehend

the Theory of  Trees,

the necessary changing of

seasonal accessories,

or their secret code

for knobby limbs and latticed twiglets,


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